Fostering independence through crafted timetables

Balancing contact time, screen time and independent thinking

Learning time is a mix of live discussions and independent work

Neobael learners are engaged with a structured daily timetable that sees them working with a mix of online and offline activities. Our daily sessions are designed to ensure that time spent online is limited to less than 2.5 hours in total, and no more than 40 minutes in any one block.

No parental involvement is required with a Neobael lesson - except to ensure that the children have a stable internet connection, and access to a computer with a webcam and headphones. Most lessons will require the child to have a pencil, a pen, and a printed copy of the paper resources needed for the camp.

All Neobael sessions use Google Classroom, and are conducted over Google Meet. No additional software, other than a recent web browser is required. Tablets such as the iPad are not recommended as they do not necessarily show the other children in the session - this guidance may change when the Google Meet app shows multiple attendees simulatenously on mobile devices.

Note: While parents are not expected to be involved during the sessions, a responsible adult is expected to be around to ensure the child's safety where-ever they are learning from. It is recommended that parents, or a responsible adult, have the child within view.