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Our team is growing!

We have a global team of passionate, driven and committed professionals from Libya, England, Belgium, India, Philippines and Singapore to name a few. We are looking for people with a passion for all things learning, and that believe our world needs a new approach to learning in order to help our young learners to succeed. To apply to any of the open roles, please email with a cover letter, your CV, and the title of the role you are interested in.

Curriculum Design and Development Manager

Our curriculum development team builds proprietary content that supports our pedagogical model and contributes to our learning coverage map. This is aligned with the Singapore Ministry of Education (MoE) as well as the UK key stages. Candidates for this role would benefit from having prior experience in physical or online curriculum development support, or handling delivery of inquiry led learning, across multiple subject areas. Familiarity with the MoE curriculum for Primary Years is useful to understand our coverage targets.

Learning Coach

Neobael learners are curious and creative. They don't want to be told how to solve problems, instead they want to uncover their own methodology for discovering solutions to problems. Their learning coaches understand and support their metacognition with patience and experience, recognising that this process creates more powerful thinkers.

As a coach, you understand that while you may have been a teacher in previous roles, enabling a learner to understand their own thinking is more powerful and significantly different to conventional teaching. We're looking for educators that can embrace the different techniques required to create tomorrow's leaders and appreciate technology as a delivery medium.

Assistant Learning Coach

Supporting learning coaches and facilitating learning groups so that young minds can stay focused, and confident, is an important role. Every Neobael learning group has a dedicated assistant that ensures each learner has a familiar friendly face, who is always available, and can help guide them when they need support.

Our assistant learning coaches have warm, welcoming and patient personalities, are comfortable with technology, have past experience in managing classrooms (digital or physical) and enjoy seeing young minds solve complex problems.

Sales and Marketing Intern

We are looking for an enthusiastic and driven graduate for this position who believes that technology will revolutionise the way learning is designed and delivered for primary years. As a sales and marketing intern, you will assist in the implementation of our digital marketing plan. You will also be playing a key role in processing the online bookings.