Predicting chemical reactions

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Lead designerElaine Chew

In this three hour introduction module, learners dive into the world of elements and the possibilities of chemistry. The day starts with a brief introduction to the periodic table, exploring how it is organised in order to learn some basic rules of chemical reactions. This is the foundation for all chemists and essential if we don't want to destroy the lab! In the second session learners apply their new understanding by coding reactions between two elements... and discovering the consequences!
DeliveryLive online
3hr course
Ages 10 - 11
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Learners will understand that when mixed, some elements will undergo a chemical reaction, and we can predict this using the periodic table.
Learners will be able to make predictions based on patterns and observations.
Learners become more resilient as they apply new understanding in a coded game.
Learning outcomes

Maths and Science

  • Understand that the periodic table is a simple way to organise elements
  • Understand that we can make predictions about the behaviour of elements based on their position in the periodic table

Language and Literacy

Technology, Innovation and the Arts

  • Predict and validate predictions using a chemistry simulator
  • Learn how to use function calls in JavaScript


Modules can be delivered in short or long formats

Each module can be delivered in formats of 3 hours a day, or 1.5 hours a day. Importantly, our modules are carefully designed to ensure that even in the 3 hour format, children have a maximum exposure time of 2.5 hours total screen time per day, with a limit of 40 minutes in any one continuous block.

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